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About KAA 

The Kansas Association of Airports Mission Statement

The mission of the Kansas Association of Airports is to represent Kansas airports by providing a collaborative environment for networking, education, information sharing, and research.

The Purpose of the Kansas Association of Airports

  • Provide a medium for the exchange of ideas, methods, information and experience as they relate to airport management.
  • Promote and encourage the passage of legislation on all levels for the good of Kansas airports and aviation.
  • Promote and encourage the public's understanding of the value of aviation and airports to the community.
  • Cooperate with all governmental agencies and industry organizations having the betterment of aviation as their primary goal.

Our History

The Kansas Association of Airports was chartered on May 5, 1976 and continues into the future for the advancement of Kansas airports.

The Kansas Association of Airports has been very involved with the Kansas Comprehensive Transportation Program. The need for a Kansas Airport Improvement Program is essential for all general aviation airports with poor or failed runways, taxiways and aprons. The goal of the KAA is to support the State Improvement Program so all public airports in Kansas have fair or better pavement conditions and functional airport airfield lighting systems.

Email: info@kansasairports.org

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